Blue Moon Grill
(Open 11am to 9pm Tuesday through Saturday)
7811 N. 12th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020
Southeast corner of Northern and 12th St.
(Across the street from Carlos O'Brien's)

Our Dining Room

Serving the FINEST
American & Mediterranean Food!

*Gyros, Kabobs, Burgers, Salads and MORE!*
*Domestic, Import and Craft Beer!*
 *Wine and Cocktails!*

-16oz Domestic draft beer for $2.50
-16oz Craft and Import draft beer for $3.00

Takeout Menu (Updated Pricing)

Served 4-9pm

Our evening menu has even more
American & Mediterranean appetizers,
entrees and delicacies for you to enjoy:

Evening Menu

Evening menu is for expanded descriptions only.

For pricing, please see Takeout Menu.